Canadians Call For Electoral Reform


A great many young Canadians today calling for electoral reform and I couldn’t disagree entirely. The only  issue is it would be a little too one sided based on the most sporadically placed nation per capita in the world with random heavily populated areas ending up with too much influence over other areas of  Canada . It’s an unusual issue that can hardly be done on a per capita basis because of the shear magnitude of the regional differences and the unique fiscal needs of each area. It would be the equivalent of Bubba (Quebec) coming over and raping the prairie regions. Since there’s no way that will ever be accepted we have to accept alternative methods of progress as the government becomes the true voice of Canadians.

Canadian Electoral Reform

The only resolve for electoral reform is to give Canadians more of a voice with open data and operate with more government transparency.  A system needs to be implemented to give Canadians informed  propaganda-free, educated, and comprehensive data that’s actionable and real time through information technology. Most Canadians agree that waiting four years in between elections to buy into propaganda and outright lies is not only very wrong, it’s criminal. We’re not only frustrated with the lies that are allowed during campaign time but the misinformation presented to us in between. It seems like politics is one of the few systems where it’s acceptable for people to lie on the job, not come to work, and not be accountable without being fired. In fact, when government officials slash budgets and save money that’s often injected into their bonuses as being more effective when that’s not necessarily the case at all. The current accountability system simply isn’t working. Elected officials for accountability had their budgets slashed and in many cases not even doing their jobs. If you want change talk to your local elected official about their progress towards open data and accountable transparent Canadian Government.

Accountability starts with us and without addressing the issues we’ll never have change.

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