Resolutions and Reflections of 2016

2016 sucked resolutions

The only value we have as human beings is the risks were willing to take” – Ernest Hemmingway

Last year was a hard year not because of what I could control but because of what I couldn’t. I lost one of my favourite people, my grandmother, an uncle, and a friend that was way too young to go. The local economy reported the biggest drop in generations. A tyrant walked into office despite my every confidence in people. I guess they just wanted change which I get. Politicians this side of the border spent their face off while pushing out messages critically damaging the energy sector throwing us further behind. I spent a business quarter waiting on a developer that begged me to let him work on my oil & gas network only to produce nothing despite chances. I was no worse off because of it but it taught me a final lesson about giving people chances that probably don’t deserve it. Somehow, I managed to do worse off than the year before perhaps because I had other convictions at the time assuming the corner would turn in the market.

2016 wasn’t all bad though, my predictions of the stock market were on task and many people became well off in particular in areas of the energy sector where I made recommendations. Some stock recommendations are surging now as the market returns. I made some amazing friends over the course of the year and my network grew out immensely. I entered into university or it entered into me (I’m not sure which more I feel violated by student loans). I saw family I hadn’t seen for many years were gathered together to celebrate the positive things about favourite people you never knew about as much as you thought in life. Funny how that works.

These days my predictions on search marketing I was once criticized for 8 years ago are now well proven to be factual and people have taken real notice as Google doesn’t publish a lot. Unfortunately, those people probably aren’t bright enough to remember that. I’ve been regularly getting emails from people asking for my input on where industry is going which is bizarre to me now as I’ve never really put myself out there other than 16,000 people in my search group aside. If you ever want a guy to write in your blog definitely call them a thought leader (SEO is full of ego).

I hit two weight goals to gain what I wanted. Yes, as a tall guy it’s a little harder than one might imagine. I’ll probably try to crush some of that into muscle as Maui closes in April. It’s odd how when things just become habit things just happen without you noticing. It’s amazing how 3 meals a day and a stress free life can push you to pretty much anywhere you want to go. I used a white board and set alarms for things I wanted to accomplish each day as working through personal time isn’t healthy . I’m in exam time now drowning in texts of drivel that no student has any real interest in beyond core content. Let’s be honest here nobody is fascinated about those personal anecdotes. Apparently people read this blog pretty often so maybe they do? Someone told me I shouldn’t laugh so much in here as it loses its journalistic integrity. Wait, people think this is a professional blog? Should this be clogged with affiliate ads and promotions? I certainly know enough ad networks to make that a possibility but I’ll spare you.

The reality though, every day is what you make of it. The 2017 new year is an opportunity to reflect on goals set to see how far you’ve come and to consider all the new ones you’ll accomplish in the new year. I guess it’s the lunar new year now and the 8th year of my incorporation. I’ve always continuously set goals of some which I was realistic about and others not so much. I think we can agree some goals are more wishes than wants because if we really want things we find ways to make them happen which typically means a sacrifice. You know, that work stuff we all have come to appreciate and love. As stated in the past why successful people don’t set new years resolutions but they do set continuous goals. In 2017 I’d like to listen more, and simply take more action because no great idea ever became a reality without action.

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