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Adam J. Humphreys Age 25

I wrote the following at the age of 25 for a young cousin wondering what to do with her life. The pic above is a much younger me.

“A cousin of mine told me she didn’t know what she wanted from life so I thought I’d throw a few things down. “So that others might live,” as there is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, there is only today. Carpe Diem…

My definition of life is in experiencing the feelings it offers. Most people look desperately for these feelings only coming close when they reach significant pinnacles, goals, feeling of love, adrenaline, pain or complete euphoria in drugs that free from all the pains of the world that they entangle themselves in. We do crazy things to escape and feel alive. A reality is that pain is part of knowing life and being alive. We’re often so caught up in living that we a numbed to the feelings that are life. Just don’t worry about the world too much because if you complicate life then life will complicate you. In short, life is only as complicated as you make it. Nobody makes you do anything and if you just except that life IS then you won’t have to fight things anymore. Suddenly nothing really matters and you’re not worried anymore. Everyone has these crazy expectations from you when you’re young meaning well but these can be more destructive than anything. You can do anything you want, any time you want…. The world is yours

Lose with confidence, win without question, and never give up. When ever you make a decision stick with it and regardless of things be confident with it because people respect assertiveness. This is often why you’ll see groups following the dominant people even when the decisions the people are making are ludicrous. Confidence is attractive so smile where ever you go people will wonder what you’re thinking (I need to work on this lol). “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

There are three things in life that matter most your friends, your family, and your health. Everything else in life is an added bonus. No matter what they tell you about monetary things they will not buy you happiness as happiness is a choice. The true happiness you will endure in your life will be in the reward of accomplishing your goals through tough challenges and the people around you. Believe me when you lose one of the above 3 main things you’ll know what really matters in life. Your family are the people that love and care about you and it is no other way. Don’t ever be afraid to tell your friends and family that you love them because you never know when your time or theirs is up.

Surround yourself with positive, ambitious, and successful people as they will eventually reflect the same on yourself. In marketing the most successful way of advertising is through word of mouth which is why one of the fastest business to ever gross a billion dollars was done without spending a dollar on advertising. Those same ambitious people are the ones making the changes in the world and change is growth. I always take time to network with new people because opportunity isn’t going to come knocking it’s there for people who take what’s theirs. A lot of people sit around waiting for God to give them an answer when they always had one with their two hands. Work for things and eventually they will come.

If you’re always looking down you’ll never know what you’re mssing right in front of you. Everyone right down to those putting bolts in cars are important so don’t look down on people for their position, but look to them for their strengths. Even homeless people add something to society in often recylcing the trash others failed to see value in.

“The key to peace is understanding” so when you’re looking to solve a problem of conflict put yourself in their shoes first so you can figure out what their motive is. It simplifies the problem and helps you relate with others often relieving any anger you might be experiencing at the time. Never hate someone because when you hate someone else you’re only destroying yourself. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Do what you enjoy in life and be the best at it. The money will follow soon after in your interests as you become an expert in your interests through your devotion the creativity will shine attracting others. People are willing to pay for things they want and respect. Most of all people want the best of what they’re looking for and aren’t afraid to pay more for it if you have what they want.

It’s not what you make, it’s what you do with what you make. If you’re miserable in your workplace then you will likely leave and you have just wasted a lot of time. I spent a lot of time jumping from high paid job to low paid job in the hunt for the ultimate way to wealth. The most money I ever made was actually in being consistent at the jobs I liked the most even though they were some of the lowest paying. We all have to start some place though so take the bad jobs so that you can work up to the good ones. You wouldn’t believe the jobs I’ve done over the years but they made me what I am today.

Reality check, there’s no such thing as a shortcut to wealth. The way you make money is through hard work but it will not seem so if you enjoy what you’re doing. If you think actors have an easy job think about how often they’re harassed and how many hours they dedicate on the set after rehearsing all their lines. Believe me when I say nobody has it easy as, “With power comes great responsibility.” I’ve read forbes and other business literature since I was 15 years old. The most affluent people in this world got there by hard work and making investments in secure assets (things that make you money from your money). The vast majority of affluent people invest in real estate which is consistenly growing in most places over time. Most blue chip stocks are not big earners but their consistency to grow is what makes them attractive to investors. Making good decisions consistently over time will determine your success. Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket as sooner or later one investment might dive.

There will come a time when you want to get a credit card and start building credit. Never buy more than what you can pay for in one month at your job (after all the other bills are paid). This will build amazing credit in no time and save you from problems in an emergency situation when you might be out of work. When you come into money save 10-20% of it if you can after bills are paid for as hard times are invevitable. I’ve gone from making 8k take home a month to out of work and injured with no support from anyone in the next. Make smart decisions you’ll regret not backing yourself up later. Spending 8 bucks a month would of completely covered me but I neglected to spend the extra money to cover myself. That’s only 1/1000th of my income I could of spent to save myself and my credit at the time. Debt is a part of life so learn how to manage it effectively and you’ll never have problems.

If you’re wondering if a purchasing a business or career is the right path for you consider how much the education/business will cost. If your education or business will cost more than you will make in your position in 2-3 years when you get out then it’s likely a bad investment. This is how all banks and loaners look at their investment choices, and if you want to do financially well you might consider that in your decisions too. If you plan on being in that field for a very long time then eventually it will not matter what those origional costs were though as consistency is a key to all success.

Information rules the world, and only the smart survive so always educate yourself. Don’t be afraid to take steps where others cower as
“Fear is momentary but regret is forever.” Don’t worry about if a career is the right one for you forever as the average person changes careers at least a couple times in their life. Nobody expects you to do the same thing for forever. There’s never anything wrong with learning as even my 57 year old father is getting degrees for personal development and fun. His success’s have come from consistently making good decisions over time. So just go to school and look at it as a positive learning experience which will culture you as a person.

Respect is Earned and not given ( a lesson my stepdad gave me as a kid). People will always tell you that you’ll never make it including your parents, and friends. Your success will be in your conviction to make a decision and stick with it. I’ve gone out doing things that people told me I couldn’t do just to see if it was possible for years. If you listen to what everyone says without trying it then you’ll always be stuck like everyone else. If you take chances then you’ll make mistakes and learn from them. Unlike the people that told you not to do something though you’ll likely have experienced/learned something they might not have. Make mistakes because they are a part of growth and making mean you’re getting ahead. “Making the same mistakes over and over again expecting different results though is insanity.”

“With all good things comes sacrifice,” and these sacrifices come with a cost even if the results take years.”Si vis pacem, para bellum” (if you want peace prepare for war). I’ve gone from complete starvation to doing well at the things that people used to tell me were not possible. These same hardships I went through to get to where I am are the things that are going to make me a millionaire before I’m even 30. Those same people that told me I couldn’t do it are now asking me why I didn’t do it years ago and I remind them I was when they weren’t there. Believe in yourself, because when nobody else does you do more than anything else.

Potential is expressed as intelligence times effort over the time we put into accomplishing something. The only difference is the time each person gets to the finish which is set by their efforts. So if you work twice as hard as those around you then you’re likely to be successful no matter what. After all the average doctor only has an IQ of 120 which is only 15 digits higher than the average person. Everyone’s qualities in life are different and it’s up to you to leverage them to get ahead. Hard work and dedication is the answer to just about any problem. We all have to take risks in life but that’s what gives us new things. Only the untried is impossible… If you can dream it then it’s possible. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

“It’s easier to knock a man down then to pick a man up”. The most rewarding experiences and feelings in my life have come from helping other people. It doesn’t take much to help people and doesn’t have to be a lot. If you always take the time to help others out it will always come back to you. If you put your heart in all you do even if you expect nothing back as sure as the laws of physics it will in one way or another come back to you. In life have no expectations as, “He who expects nothing is never unsatisfied.” Just focus on all the positives in things and you’ll never know a negative thing.

People never forget the things or those who make them laugh so take time out of your day to make someone smile. That’s probably the easiest gift of all to give, and it’s a great way to break the ice when you first meet someone. It demonstrates confidence, that your in control of the situation, and comfortable. Just don’t second guess yourself or you’ll look like an idiot (be confident).

“When a butterfly flaps its wing in one part of the world, there is a hurricane created on the other side of the world.” As in all chaos there is order and we have many different names for God. You can call it anything you like it really doesn’t matter. I believe in ying & yang, karma, newtons 3rd law (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction), and order as is the physics of law some of us know as God. The thing is that we take the positives in life and use it for good instead of judging people. I’ve seen too many people judging without doing anything themself which I think is worse when you know something is wrong. If you take the main moral teachings from all religions they’re basically all saying the same thing so why fight about it?

Attitude is everything in just about everything. Whenever I go for a job I ask to talk to a mamanger so they know you right away by face and know your ambitious. Right away they know you by face and you’re not another piece of paper in the pile. When you go for an interview you sell yourself a lot more than you sell your credentials. Employers want consistent employees who will do the job they ask for every day and not geniuses who argue amongst each other instead of doing the job they were origionally asked to do. If you’re positive you can accomplish anything and project it then so will they. Attitude and confidence is everything just don’t be cocky.

Be humble as less is expected of those who know nothing. I often act like I know nothing so I can find out all people know about something as they likely know something I don’t. Showing humility is a very respectable quality and shows a sense of security/confidence that you’re prepared to learn. If you’re always trying to outdue everything and can’t ask questions you’re not going to advance too much.

The quickest way to get some place is in a straight line. Everyone knows the best way to work is the most efficient way and the more you learn the better off you’ll be. If you take the time to learn one way to improve at things you do everyday you’ll soon be extremely resourceful. You wouldn’t even believe how little I’ve lived off in the past when things got rough.

When it comes to dating don’t bother with someone you don’t see yourself with. Accidents happen and kids are a reality of most relationships. Two of my last roommates in the last two years were pregnant by their bf’s who ended up leaving them anyhow. One was on birth control and the other one had her tubes tied long before being with her bf.

When you have a gut feeling about someone you’ll usually be right so trust that instinct. It will come with time and experience of knowing different people. Every time I have second guessed myself about people I have always been wrong and should have trusted my gut feeling. Love over logic is not a good idea as you can’t change people unless they want to change. Just be sure to be assertive in a relationship because if you have no backbone people will walk all over you taking advantage. These overly nice girls don’t usually get guys respect and are used then left behind. Assertive girls are respected because they stick by their decisions and guys feel the need to gain their respect

Just remember that at the end of the day is love is all we have in the end, which is forever. “Love is the ability to allow your partner to destroy you completely” and that respect comes with time. “You never lose by loving, you always lose by holding back.” All we needed in this life we knew at birth, “All ya need is love.”

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love” – Sophocles

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  1. It floors me that there are no comments on this… Your mind is beautiful. I agree with all of this 100% – this is true wisdom. Amazing.

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