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Total Focus Webb Book

Total Focus by Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL talks about making better decisions under pressure. It’s the latest book I’ve been reading and highly recommend it to anyone like myself that is seeking to improve their efficiency and capacity to continuously improve in life. I’ve always admired the armed forces capacity to build discipline and throughout Brandon’s engaging biographic style book he talks about those processes in great detail.

For a while, I was struggling to focus despite my talents in digital marketing and wanted to learn the thought process of people of such discipline reason to get things done with excellent while upholding absolute awareness. He walks through his challenges in building a digital marketing and publishing business which ironically is what I’m in. Webb grows off of the failures and what he did to overcome the business challenges he faced. He shows reasoning as his successes and failures occurred often benchmarking projects as a win or failure in 6-month windows. The absolute ferocity, veracity, and tenacity throughout the way puts a strong emphasis on having a strong passion for anything you’re doing. I often say, where ever you go, do so with all your heart. That said, this book was something I absolutely¬†identified with.

As a recently diagnosed individual with A.D.D (now packaged as A.D.H.D) in the last month, the book touched on how many business owners like myself are also affected¬†by a similar deficit. When I saw this on the shelf it absolutely spoke to me. Despite what many told me I was always of the mind that one should just make the best of their circumstances and the stigmas around mental health often dismissed. The best advice I could offer here is that mental health is ridiculously undervalued. My value and profits have surged since this recognition and I’m glad after many years I elected to go in despite the myths people pushed around perceptions. I learned that in fact many of my peers had it and also benefitted from the same information. As per this book it can only be beneficial to be humble recognizing your shortcomings with absolute awareness than to flounder around becoming the best you.

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