Slingshot Documentary Review

Slightshot Dean Kamen Segway Biography

One of the most memorable documentaries I’ve seen in recent years is called Slingshot about Dean Kamen a college dropout and inventor with over 440 patents to his name. He was noted to be the next Edison with his noted contributive successes including how doctors administered chemotherapy to babies (invented while in high school), an infusion pump (created in college), a portable dialysis machine, robotic arm, Slingshot water purifier run on cow dung, and most notably the Segway which is now his inspiration for iBot suggested to be the world’s most advanced wheelchair. His successes and failures are a reminder to all on the significance of failing forward. Every entrepreneur should watch this. One of his inspiring lines no definitely means maybe brings about the conviction and passion it takes to be successful in any capacity in life.

iBot Dean Kamen

To get a little perspective of Dean’s persistence here’s a picture of the iBot chair with Dean in it that originally started in 1990 and recently revived to make improvements on an old model giving new hope to those physically challenged. His biography can be seen on Netflix.

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