Why Successful People Don’t Set New Year’s Resolutions

Vince Vaugh stock photo from unfinished business
Vince Vaugh stock photo

Successful people Set Continuous Goals throughout the year and benchmark them constantly living in the moment AKA the now. I’m always astonished by this end of year fixation on temporary goals. Some of the things that set people apart are simply just habits.

Consistency, in healthy habits seems to remain one of the largest indicators of success. If you’re going from one ladder to the next you’re going to be starting at the bottom each time. Pick something and become great at it not leaving until you’re in a better position to leave for something else first. I see people jump into the deep end often when they were sailing along perfectly well in what they’re doing.

Ask Better Questions is something I’ve learned to do. It’s totally the best way to get answers effectively without assuming. As a direct person life has become super stress free being genuinely authentic and direct by saying what you mean eloquently. “Be yourself everyone else is taken.” Life isn’t so black and white and the things that might seem super evident might be something completely unanticipated or related. Your best thinking got you to where you are now and by asking better questions and aligning yourself with great people you will elevate all involved.

Network with new people different from yourself because you’ll never know how you might complement each other. I’ve met so many amazing people in the last year near and far. Many of us are on different paths with the same end goals which helps a lot. If you’re not networking with other people then you’re really missing out.

Surround Yourself With Great People continues to be a defining part of my career that drives me higher all the time. I don’t seek out new clients but instead my network works with me helping each other out to grow.

Adapt, and know when to fold is really important. It’s good to have a dream and goal. However, knowing when to change paths to point in the same direction is really important. If you’re not evolving with change then you’re going to get buried and that’s never been more relevant than in my industry of integrated digital marketing.

Location, location, location continues to be a defining part of success and every bit as much as your network. Being surrounded by a hub of talented people is definitely a lot better than being in a place logistically outside the realm of the core of your focus. I especially learned that with my first business where I was located on an island and shipping computers was financially unrealistic. Instead of moving I ended up moving in another direction adapting to the needs of business which was someone that could build websites in the early dot-com days. I now live in a place where there’s lots of successful ambitious people and we help each other climb towards goals. Consider what your goal is and if where you live matches your best chance of success by living there.

Continuous Improvement, by expanding your horizons constantly. When I first started I was a computer tech with little knowledge that had to learn to build a website for my business and learn how to run a business which I also admittedly knew nothing about at the time. That turned into people wanting websites, which turned into affiliate marketing in 2001 and then into search engine optimization. Today, I’m a integrated digital strategist with a wealth of knowledge charging healthy rates to help people expand their business sales. Last month I had my most successful December ever without even advertising.

Education, is something I can’t empathize enough. The difference between me and most of my peers in digital marketing is that I understand business speak. I’ve been reading business books since I was 15 years old. I don’t need it now but I’m still looking at taking more university because it’s all an asset to clients. I often find myself onsite at a client’s office overlooking their communications and streamlining their marketing. A hotel that’s never just done any marketing last month went to me and I spent days auditing their operation to help them perform much better. They reported immediate results and I can attribute that to continued education. Much of that education comes from conferences that came with travel which helped me understand my client’s needs a lot better. You never know where your goals are going to come from

Life Rewards Action
Don’t complicate life or life will complicate you. It might seem like things are hard or beyond your reach. However, over time I’ve found it’s usually just a question of sacrifice in what are you willing to do to make your goals happen.

I recently watched a Tim Ferris video on Big Think Mentor discussing life goals. If one were to write out all their life goals on paper it’s generally pretty cost effective. I wrote out mine and they were definitely a lot more than the 125k he talked about but it definitely helped me appreciate how obtainable most experiences are. After all, happiness is a choice and experiences align with that. Don’t tie your happiness to people or things. Instead, create new experiences and focus on the moment by setting realistic continuously obtainable goals that challenge you out of your comfort zone to be a little better than the person you were yesterday.

Yes, that is a stock photo of Vince Vaughn from Unfinished Business.

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