The Originals Book Review

The Originals Book

The Originals a book by Adam Grant is about how non-conformists move and change the world. It’s about the success and failures of the world’s most successful people. Adam builds upon these concepts citing statistics, science, real examples and contrasts how people shifted to overcome the problems to get to where they wanted. Some of his statistics about real-world contributions in particular how conceptual thinkers generally produced their best pre 35 of which I’m just bordering on 35 definitely struck a note. It should be a major signal to business owners as we already know the mind matures at 28 and neuroplasticity generally drops after a similar median.  New perspectives and ideas are good for growth as nothing ever grows in a place of comfort.

Originals conveys how many of the most successful businesses were statistically more likely to succeed by maintaining another role until they could realize the potential of their business should be an eye-opener to many business investors. While I can appreciate it’s very important to have focus it’s every bit as important to have financial and mental security to have the comfort to build out your business. Adam talks about how deviating from your core focuses as some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs messed up on the Segway and like Total Focus establishes the destructive impact on business when deviating away from core competencies. Steve Jobs and some of the best tech failed big on the Segway project by ignoring industry requirements as this wasn’t their area of expertise. While the Dean Kamen built Segway was by itself a technical feat, that side business itself was a major flop.  The list successes of Dean Kamen however in his core areas are long and profound continuing to this day.

I’m still chipping away at The Originals but so far it’s a great read. At 95% approval rate on Google it would appear I’m not the only one. In a world of 7 billion it pays to be yourself but it also pays to pay attention to what the most successful have done to overcome life’s challenges to succeed.

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