New Years Resolutions for 2011

Well 2010 has been a great year. I learned a lot, failed forward, and met a lot of great people. In 2011 here are some of my new years resolutions.

  • Get out and network more. I’ve spent a lot of time working but forgot about how much fun it is to actually network with like minded people. There’s no such thing as a self made millionaire. That is with great certainty the biggest insider joke ever. We are all under servitude in one way or another. Smart people hire smarter people than themselves. Successful people surround themselves with smart, driven, and motivated people. This is not only the people we work with or socialize it’s even our clients. I started this group which is a good start
  • Travel the world more. I absolutely love to travel and this year I’ve got to do a little more. I’d like to go somewhere new every two to three months.
  • Keep increasing my education. Those that are successful do more. Particular interests include: SEO, web analytics, business analysis, finance, economics, real estate, and forex.
  • Work towards my goal of developing a fund for charitable organizations. One focus in particular includes drilling a well for clean drinking water $6000 in a foreign country.
  • Build a house or renovate one somewhere on a decent piece of land here in Alberta. I’ve put this off for far too long.
  • Increase my physical work outs and be more consistent in them regardless of where I am.
  • Build the movie review site I’ve wanted to for the last year. This could very well fall into another site architecture I’m building.
  • Carry out the social networking site I put together a web architecture for a few years ago. I gave the plans to Google but if they don’t act on it I’ll just do it myself. The plans I gave them alone at their scale is worth a billion alone. I don’t see Facebook acting on it. If they’re not going to do it I might as well do it myself and make some money.
  • Visit family more often. Being 300+ kms from everyone doesn’t make it easy to visit very often.
  • Scale my company to six people, work with larger companies, and work more in foreign markets. Venture marketing is a new initiative Making 8 will be moving into in 2011.
  • Get more involved with the government and open data initiatives. It’s disappointing to see Canada so far behind when it comes to such valuable data and metrics for data mining. Just think of the diseases that could possibly be cured by finding the commonalities, and relevance between data mined from medical records. I talked with the APC here in Edmonton earlier this year and I’m informed it’s nothing but bureaucracy slowing the advance dramatically.
  • Help educate more people about search engine optimization, web analytics, internet marketing and advance businesses through technology while increasing their bottom line.
  • Change the CSS on this theme.. I mean really it’s almost impossible to read this!
  • Write in here more often. I used to write daily. It’s a good measure of progress.
  • Try to be more patient, considerate, humble, generous, and a better listener.
  • Pay it forward

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