Make Every Second Count

Time is valuable

Tonight I saw this picture in my feed. Make your words basically count. I often thought about the fact that I considered this most with was older people. You know, like parents and a grandparent. I said however that in theory it could just as easily be someone my age. A few minutes later I was scrolling down by Facebook to see that a high school student I graduated with had just passed. She left behind 3 children at only 33. She had been fighting cancer and her Facebook page was covered in struggle.

Someone up there frequently likes to remind me in the weirdest ways. It’s usually almost immediate and too ironic to ignore. You really can’t get time back but you can make every second count. The stock market is measured in seconds and so is every choice we make to do or don’t. Make today a good day. Every person you talk to is there for a reason and every opportunity is there for the taking.

Bring on tomorrow.

Make Every Second Count

Rip Carolyn Valdal
1982 – 2015

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