Always Share Knowledge


Today I’m going to share very proprietary knowledge that I accumulated over 14 years with a professor of a well known university. In past days I’d worry about them taking my knowledge and essentially another replacing me. However, life is a great teacher and I’ve learned through hundreds of thousands that contrary to what you might think it’s often best to share some of your best knowledge. It will surge you to the top as a thought leader and you’ll be rewarded it one way or another for it. Yes, potentially thousands of students will learn my trade but in essence they’ll only be learning the fundamentals of it which means that they’ll appreciate a lot more. This means my industry benefits from a stronger understanding of necessary marketing and everyone benefits.  If you don’t have someone to replace you then you can’t move  or evolve. Every top professional in my industry is on the speaker’s network. One lady years ago said the least ROI for their business resulted from speaking. Because they were in the same business as me I took that to heart. What a  mistake that was. Almost  all my business has resulted from the relationships forged as a result of teaching others.

One never learns something so fully as when they teach it to another. The kinds of questions you get and the integral learning from it is crazy. As a teacher’s assistant I learned this young and for that reason I don’t speak about things I’m not passionate about anymore. The best studying is teaching someone else about something you’re passionate about. It will question your perspectives, reasoning, and overall thinking to help you evolve in ways you never thought possible. So for that reason always share knowledge. As we have seen in places the world around it can free thousands from oppression. As Einstein once said, “Understanding is the key to knowledge,” and how true that is.

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