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Well, about 7 months ago I stopped dating because I didn’t need to anymore. It had been over three years and a million dates in 2016 but in 2017 that is for sure no more. I figured if I’ve had success dating then I should probably share that with you so you can hopefully avoid the bad dates and experiences I most certainly in some cases did. I’d looked up a lot of alleged top dating apps and dating sites. Let’s be honest you know what you want  in a date after a while for sure especially after a couple long term relationships. If you’re looking for a Valentines Day date or maybe the one this article I put together with a lot of patience and time dating will surely help you.

You learn to avoid the red flag dates, especially where most of them are on crappy dating sites where all the bottom feeders and mouth breathers are. In particular. the types that like to argue for affirmation and validation (wow that was suffocating). Some of the most successful people are the most messed up but you learn the red flags I talk about in other articles. Since I have started dating I’ve met some amazing people and as of late fortunately have only met amazing people. It’s turned me into a great judge of character and made some great friends along the way. If you’re looking for a pickup artist this isn’t the blog for you. I’m not that kind of guy and don’t want to share my knowledge with people that aren’t looking for real. We have enough jaded people out there right?

You’ll see by my chart of successful dating sites and apps ranked by the number of phone numbers varying quite greatly. Some dating sites I outright stopped because they sucked so bad. I’ll point you to the right ones here that I recommend you stick with. Some will probably just cause you grief. Although, one never knows where they’ll meet their other half. Honestly, dating has taught me so much that these days I only tend to meet the exact type of people I want to. Its all about knowing what you want, going for it, and especially being up front about that without any sort of hidden agendas. People really respect that honesty and I think in part some of that comes with age.

So here it is….


The Top Canadian Dating Sites and Dating Apps of 2017

Top Dating sites and apps 2017

Tinder the dating app is what most thought to be a pick up app and for many it probably was. That was never my agenda and I learned quickly in online dating over the years to be very explicit about my wants in a person right on my profile especially something real. I made some really good connections and friendships from Tinder. It’s amazing how well you learn from just knowing the red flags and being up front about what you are looking for on your profile. Most importantly, you avoid all the awkward messages from people you have no interest in because unless you both swipe right there’s no match which is perfect on avoiding awkward messages. I always made a point of having clear, accurate, unedited pictures of myself so people knew what they were getting before we ever met. Don’t take crappy selfies in the bathroom by yourself. I can’t tell you how many profiles where I read about women complaining about that. Seriously, don’t even if you are a ripped  there’s something to be said about mystery. Unless you want to swipe for 3 days straight you probably don’t need a paid account.

Bumble the dating app is super under rated. It gives women the power to message you when they want which is unconventional for dating and I especially made great connections here. It didn’t have nearly the numbers of Tinder but it’s where I by far found the most unicorns in the shortest amount of time. You’ll find people on here that is based on mutual attraction and more than likely to have something going for them. If you want to set yourself apart remember to have quality non-cheesy pictures that aren’t selfies and write positive things about interests and what you’re looking for.  I never bothered paying for an account on here and didn’t need to.

POF is a dating site with a large quantity of people. So much so that acquired them. However, being that it’s a free site you got every type of person and honestly this was typically the least rewarding for me. People on there were typically there for years and a little more on the entitled broken side. You know, the serial daters we all want to avoid. You can set a profile there but be prepared to get messaged from total randoms even with filters about wants. It’s awkward and there’s a lot of unbalance. That said, the quality of POF aka Plenty of Fish is indeed plenty but if you only need one maybe avoid this site. If you do decide to setup a profile on here then be sure to drop the $12 for a membership versus free because there’s way too many people on there and you probably won’t be seen too often with so many others on there. I wasn’t too interested in messaging people with a busy lifestyle so I set it and forget it to let the messages flow in. I would regularly get compliments on the quality of what I wrote on my profile. I guess most people don’t write on their dating profile like you’re supposed to. Trust me, if you want to make it easy for people to approach you then write something about interests but not so much there’s nothing to talk about. As a matter of fact, one of my rules was to make a point of meeting people sooner than later because expectations about what you think the person is like only to find they’re way different in person. is a pretty good dating site well worth the investment. Although, as many will tell you it’s hard to unsubscribe from so when you sign up use either a disposable gift credit card you get from a retail store or really make sure that you get the email that says you unsubscribed isn’t deleted (whoops). I went through calling a call centre in the Philippines trying to cancel and was hit with a $120 bill I had no interest in furthering or entertaining after I had cancelled my account. They wouldn’t cancel it because I didn’t have the email. Many have gone through this and it’s a bit of a scam. However, the dating site experience is pretty good and I’ve found most of my solid dating from there. You can really filter people well and it has a lot more search criteria than most. The lame part like most sites is the matches are kind of lame and there are many inactive accounts on there unlike the Bumble Tinder Apps that show up frequently. is a decent site but the questions are kind of ridiculous. You could be 99% match with someone that answered a dozen questions and 86% with someone that actually answered 700 which is more than likely a better match so you can’t really pay attention to this especially with so many stupid questions on there. I wish the questions were a little more solid and interest directed than really weird loaded open-ended questions which leave people face palming. I made some decent connections on there but there’s also a lot of really funky art couples and weirdos on there that I had to write explicitly that I didn’t want to be contacted. Seriously, okcupid is a roledex of weirdos but there’s also some brilliant people on there worth meeting. There’s very few people on here, the site often fails, and ultimately I never bothered to get a premium membership because of it.

Hinge dating app is something that needed to hit Canada in a big way. Wow, what a great app that has missed its mark in Canada. I talked to some amazing. I talked to people from Google to all sorts of elite people on there. I hope it gets to Canada to all the core cities so people can appreciate its potential.

** Update Dec 2017 **

While I am not currently looking I have noticed and tested to see that the Hinge dating app does in fact work and is now available in Canada so definitely check it out! It’s probably the top dating app of 2018.

Eharmony had horrible matches and definitely wasn’t worth it. I met a couple of solid connections on there but it’s way too expensive for such a horrible site. The matches are total garbage and it really doesn’t pay much attention to your criteria. Maybe if you were in a city like LA where there’s millions of people would it work but in a place with a million people it was garbage. For all their advertising they are probably only around for that reason and not by merit. Then again, a family member met his wife in Vancouver on Eharmony after only 2 weeks at my advice to try online dating.

The rest of the sites weren’t worth it and most were scam sites with fake people. These are the only top Canadian dating sites to pay attention to in 2017. Good luck and I hope you find someone amazing! I have no need for these anymore but you probably will avoid a lot of trouble by the above.

After Dating and How to Remove Your Dating Profile

Remember after coming off the dating market to remove your dating profile even after deleting before deleting the mobile apps. It’s not enough to just stop using dating apps and sites in hopes they would stop showing you after extended periods. I was horrified when a single friend told me that I was still showing on their list of singles on Bumble. I had at the time deleted it months before. I was astonished to find Bumble shows users where you lived and a dating option as if active to make the site appear more active than it actually was. So that guy or girl you think that might not want to date you may actually not even be on the site anymore and actually long since gone (sorry ladies). That mixed connection might not even be a missed dating connection but someone the dating app misleadingly left up as if available despite months of inactivity. I did some investigating and found that Tinder had also left my profile as active. On many dating sites after you “Disable” your dating profile you’ll find that if you login to check anything it can often reactivate them. I wouldn’t want to be an investor of these companies as “Active” members is probably not what it seems. If on while it’s nearly impossible to cancel your paid membership they at least show inactivity in fairness to users. That said, under settings on most dating sites and apps you have to select delete profile to stop showing up. If you’re reading this you’ll be thankful you read this instead of  partner confronting you on why you’re on a dating site when you really aren’t.


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