Today Is Tomorrow

There’s $222,700 worth of business on the table over the next two days potentially there for the grabbing after overhead tax expenses etc and what could be a couple million a year. All I have to do is man up and grab what’s mine. Regretting something because I didn’t step outside my comfort zone isn’t in the cards. Will I be lazy? Will I procrastinate about all the ways I could of, would of have, should have for another year? Will I worry about presenting perfectly?


… or I could seize the moment and regret only that I didn’t do better instead of nothing at all. There is no better moment than right now. Yes, a well executed plan is great but without the follow through you might as well have just not thought of it at all. My product’s not perfect but it’s better than everyone else’s. It’s just not my perfect and that means a lot. I don’t like putting out something that isn’t my all. That’s just how I operate when passionate about something. Building my first search engine before I turned 30 was no small task. I learned so much about working with people of all walks of life and overseeing processes from around the world. That year, I learned a whole lot about people.


I have a lot of negative and cynical¬†people in my immediate environment. We’ll call them the nay sayers. They’re the typical types you hear that failed at something and apply their every failure to you. Fortunately, I don’t let people like that effect me much. Some people you can choose in your life but¬†some you can’t. You listen to what they say and make them feel heard. However, really you have to recognize that they’re speaking from a point of fear instead of success. They never dusted themselves off to get up and try again. Those that do. Those are the ones you want to pay attention to.

Today is today. I didn’t earn over 70k in a month this year. I never put myself out there and stopped having conversations. I’m always thinking well if I just get this done first. Yes, today will be a good day. Because today is tomorrow and that’s time well spent. I might fail but one can always learn from that. It should be a good one. What will your today look like? That’s the power of now, that’s the power of today. Be a change maker.


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