The New Art of War

The New Art of War

The wars of yesterday are all but gone. Today, a new war is being fought and a silent enemy sneaks between the lines with great stealth. As of the past two years most are still at surrender. Laziness, ignorance, and greed plague our society. The few that recognize it exploit it to no end as a capitalist will always do. ¬†Mankind’s innate need to consume blinds the realities of an imminent and ever present future. The ten year recessionary cycles are ever more predictable as corporations are allowed to repeat the same insanity that continues to drag the economies further into an artificial debt of infinite servitude. The brain drain is fulfilled overseas by more inclined and willing talent. The jobs of yesterday are gone, and with it are the imaginations of the once ambitious visionaries. A sold out market, and a blind eye is turned to the realities of the new art of war.

There is hope in North America. We live in a region of the world where commodities save our ignorance, and our few economic limitations allow us to recover with limited effort. This plan is not sustainable, and it’s most certainly not as strong as it once was. Now in a global economy the jobs and commodities of North America are especially being competed with in other regions of the world at much more affordable prices. It’s bad enough that we’re dependent on commodities but the reality is that most of those resources are being refined and productized in other parts of the world to be resold back to us by our own companies. In short, we’ve been sold out.

Economic Evolution

In the new economy the art of war battles are fought in the classroom, at the border, in the office, and on the floors of Wall Street. In place of the old monotonous jobs of days past now replaced by automation and service industry to facilitate the change. The tech industry and engineers focus on not rebuilding the wheel but making it more efficient. Governments are forced to become accountable and data-warehouses make open data a part of government transparency so that a true economic society can make sound choices based on the transparencies. The politicians the world around recognize the cycles of debt as unrealistic and ever constricting on our way of life. When a government realizes it has more debt than the world has money in circulation it’s evident it’s time for a change in plan. Credit is tightened to make both lenders and borrowers more accountable.

The government recognizes the economic benefits of education in the trillions and finally sees education as an investment every bit as much as an asset instead of a financial burden. Further stimulus is injected into not just education but financial education as well. As a result of the education stimulus more jobs are created and trillions of dollars in revenue becomes of the investment. People recognize wealth is a mind set every bit as much as it is a set of habits to go with it. Leverage overcomes speculation and projected revenues are increased by productivity rather than false values and gambles.

The reality is the terrorist today is the ignorant, the lazy, and the greed that plagues mankind. Without a change in mindset and habits we’re only going to spiral deeper into the abyss that is our ignorance. We don’t need to carry the cross of ignorance. So arm your teacher with books, your voter with open-data, and enforce accountability with positive change. Pay it forward as in a sold out economy, we owe it to ourselves to succeed.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. РMohandas K. Gandhi

If the pen is mightier than the sword why do actions speak louder than words

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