Canada is Going to Thrive in a Bull Market

It looks like the Conservative Party of Canada – Parti conservateur du Canada of Canada won a majority government and as predicted the NDP (New Democratic Party) took a strong place in the new federal election. Congratulations to local representative Laurie Hawn on being re-elected. It looks like we’re going to have a strong economically driven government into the bull market ahead of the rest of the world to help drive our top trade partners back into the green. This is good as our banks will not be tampered with, and businesses will have the flexibility to do more in a time that’s especially vital to our lead in the global market. The Conservative Party especially pro business and has done a lot to remove red tape making it much easier to do trade with Canada. Businesses the world around can rest assured Canada will be a great place to invest in over the next 4 years as the Conservative Government takes a majority continuing their role as the voice of Canada.

The Bloc Quebecois Separatists lost their place in government to actual federal parties and that’s something we can all be proud of. I believe Quebecers recognized that in order to have a voice in Canada they needed to be part of a federal party that thinks about what’s good for everybody instead of what’s just good for them. While I appreciate my French heritage blocking out the world is not the way you get the respect of the world as respect is earned. Quebec’s new party would be much better off embracing new people than attacking them for their differences as that’s what makes Canada great.

I am especially thankful that the Liberal Party didn’t get into office because they were against corporations and that’s the last thing we climb out of a global recession. The 3% corporate increase to businesses would of been passed onto consumers and ultimately driven business in some cases as inflation is already especially high as government stimulus has been injected into the economy. It’s a very delicate economic cycle and while 3% doesn’t sound like much the trade off’s/opportunity costs the Liberals were offering was too far for Canada to accept. Fortunately, the differences in education spend between the Liberals and Conservatives is very small despite no tax increases by the Conservatives.

Now it’s up to Canadians to be accountable by participating in the Canadian Government and use our voice to shift change in the right direction when people the world around fight to have the liberties we so often take for granted. I couldn’t be prouder of being a Canadian today, and if you’re Canadian I’m really glad you voted.

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