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Adam Humphreys was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada March 31, 1982 and was raised on Vancouver Island. I am the oldest child with 5 sisters of which I was raised with 3 sisters through my mom & step Dad and 2 my father adopted in Alberta (now in Saskatchewan). I spent most of my growing years playing basketball, acting, reading business books, and designing custom electronic circuitry. In 2000 I won 1st place in Canada for robotics on my 18th birthday at the British Columbia Institute of Technology Skills Canada Robotics Competition with a couple of colleagues. The love for computers came later on.

In 2001 I left college to start my own business when realizing the Vancouver Island local college was using too dated materials for them to keep up to the forever evolving industry of information technology. Being on the cutting edge was very important to me so I started working directly with the corporations so I could offer my clients the latest, and greatest technological advances while learning about the industry directly from the pros. After spending two years in business in 2003 learning mostly I moved on to work for Microsoft in Tech Support to see what the average North American business/consumer was really looking for in information technology. At the time there was nothing but dot com crashes, and the market was flooded with former Nortel employees.

I saw that the market was overly saturated and that there wasn’t too much room for growth at the time so I decided to move to Alberta to try my hand in the oil field he kept hearing about. After spending 3 years in Medicine Hat, Alberta working in the oil patch I decided to return to information technology after much encouragement from friends, and co-workers. I never stopped building sites on the side so it wasn’t a big decision. On June 15, 2006, I decided to move to Calgary to get back into IT consulting, web development and IT business solutions often outsourcing for SMB to Fortune 500 companies under small business Fresh Standard IT Business Solutions. After meeting his (now ex-girlfriend award-winning luxury Interior Designer Laura C. Bielecki I spent 10 months in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. While in Montreal I explored my family’s rich Canadian history in part going back to the Acadians and continued focus on my at business Fresh Standard IT Business Solutions (rebranded and incorporated in 2009 to Making 8 Inc).

What is Adam J. Humphreys doing now?

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Adam J. Humphreys now lives in Edmonton Calgary, Alberta, Canada #YEG  #YYC establishing corporate identity for his company Making 8 Inc. while helping business clients accomplish their goals through technology. My other company Fresh Standard IT Business Solutions was rebranded at the end of 2009 to devote entire focus on Making 8 Inc integrated digital marketing. I’m currently pursuing my interests in search engine optimization, web development, computer networking, information security, affiliate marketing and of course business. I’m continuing professional development in SEO, web analytics, business analysis, economics, business, project management, real estate, and finance.

      • In May  2012 started Oil Authority Inc an international oil & gas directory was started and is growing to be one of the technology leaders in the world especially in the areas of search.
      • May 2018 Making 8 Inc turned 9 years old and Oil Authority Inc 6 years old.
      • February 15, 2015, I relocated to Calgary to change things up.

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